The End To A Productive Weekend

Yesterday was a productive day but the necessity type of productive.  I went out and got a new air compressor for the studio and went out to the burbs to get some supplies for the studio.  I got the studio all cleaned up and some pieces that were drying all cleaned up.  Today was a great productive day with getting a lot made.  I've got a new "wavy bowl" design that I have fallen in love with.  Its center is much deeper than my other pieces and I think that they will be a hit.  They will be great for candy or potpourri or just as an art piece on the coffee table.  I've got 2 done this weekend as well as 4 new design mugs and 4 of the new design plates.  These are close in size to my other mugs but they are smooth instead of the throw lines in them.  I also started on some new hand built trays.  I've got 3 of them done.  1 has handles and 2 do not.  I'll have to decide after they are glazed which I like better.  I HATE doing handles.  LOL  You can't get away from it though because as a potter you will sell more mugs than anything else and those all need a handle.  :)   I got the kiln loaded with the stuff I made from last weekend and thats firing tonight.  Check out the "My Pottery" page to see all the pics.  Now its time to relax for the rest of the night because tomorrow is a whole new day!