The Holidays Are Here

The awesomeness of Halloween is over and we had our first snow (about an inch) here in Chicago.  Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks so I guess the holiday season is basically upon us.  This is the slowest time of the year for me.  I take some time away from the studio to re-energize and celebrate the holidays with friends.  I am working on designing some new projects and figure out where my creativity will take me in reference to my focal point for 2018.  There will be a lot of changes in 2018 and some announcements coming soon!  

Working away.......

Since coming back into the studio from winter time off I have been working away with some new pieces and getting ready for the May Spring studio opening.  I'm going to be trying some new glaze combinations as well.  I'll announce the date for the studio opening hopefully in the next few days.   Check out the new pics in the gallery to see whats coming!

Time to start back up!

After a couple of months off, we are at the end of January and its time to get ready for Spring!  Last weekend I went through the whole studio and ripped it apart, did some new arranging and cleaned up everything.  Now I'm back to creating and getting ready for Spring!  Flower pots, berry bowls among lots of other creations coming to life!